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Strawberry Daiquiris Recipe from The Magic of Burrows Bay

Today...we're having strawberry daiquiris from The Magic of Burrows Bay, which is FREE today at our Lavender Cottage BookShop! You can also find more recipes in the free tier of Lavender Cottage Living.

Abbi and I used to drink these a few years (cough) decades ago, and they are just as good as I remember. When we say in the book that the rum creeps up on you, we're not kidding. Of course, you can make them without rum and they're still good...but more like a strawberry slush-drink. With just a little rum, they almost magically taste like fresh (out of the garden) strawberries. My mom just tasted them, and she said this! Mom isn't much for rum, but she loved them. Now, there's always room to make a recipe your own, so let us know if you make any changes. This is our best blender was having issues, so I went light on the ice. That was perfect for us, but you may want to add a little more ice and/or rum. Enjoy!

1 cup (1/2 pint) fresh strawberries, washed and cut in half (or fourths) if very large.

1/2 cup white sugar

1/8 cup lemon juice (fresh if you have it)

4 cups ice

Add 1 to 2 shots of rum (if you like)

Experiment with the rum because it should be just enough to make the strawberries taste less sweet...but not enough to taste the rum.

Blend them all together and drink safely. They're so good! But they really will creep up on you if you drink too much.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay. (I might take some next time, but this was a quick trial run with Mom.)