Horse Photos

Horse Photos

Feeding these little lovelies is where most of the book money thought we'd share a few photos!

We have five horses, Cordell and the four boys: Mac, Jake, Chance, and Lucky. We lost our Mandy (Cordell's one true love and mother to the four boys) a few years ago. She and Cordell grew up together and really were the best of friends.

Mandy on the left and Cordell on the right.

And you can see what a great mom she was in these baby photos!

This is Mandy with Chance (our second youngest)

And here she is with Lucky (our youngest). That's Chance outside the corral...he got bigger!

Lucky staying close to his mom.

While Cordell watches from outside.

And here are the two older boys, Mac and Jacob. We might have some baby photos of them next time...

Thank you for stopping by! We hope you enjoyed the pictures.  If you'd like to see more of the farm (and the horses) join our newsletter on the home page!

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