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Kingdom of Shadow EBOOK

Kingdom of Shadow EBOOK

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A kingdom fights to survive after being attacked by a neighboring land in this short fantasy story. This is the second of two short stories that include some tragic turns and unexpected twists.

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Read this story sample...

Daman read the note and threw it on the floor.  “Do they think I am an idiot?”  He paced back and forth.  “This is obviously a trick.”

“Did you not want their king to meet with you?” his wife asked. 

“That was before…” Daman paused.  “Such a tragic accident.

Izna simply nodded.  She had no illusions about her husband, but she still played the dutiful wife.  “I’m sure it was not your intention to kill their Queen.”

“Of course not!”  Daman paced faster.  “I lost my temper.  I…”

Izna had seen that temper.  It was why she chose her next words very carefully.  “You could invite them here.”  She walked over and touched his arm.  “You are a magnanimous host, and your generosity is well-known among all the kingdoms.”

Daman smiled.  “True.  And it would be in very poor taste to kill another king while he stays under my own roof.”  He paced more slowly now.  “We could invite them here to celebrate their honeymoon.  It would give Amar a chance to reconsider my offer, and if he refused…I would have every right to continue my campaign.”

“You are most wise, My Husband,” Izna bowed slightly.  “If you like, I will make up the main guest chambers and order a feast.”

“Yes, do it at once.”  Daman walked over and kissed her not so gently on the mouth.  “And if they don’t accept my gracious invitation, we can use the guest chambers ourselves.”

Izna did her best to steady her breathing, then smiled.  “As you wish, My Husband.”

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